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It's a Wrap on Freefall

The luxury of being a director on Freefall is that I have so many people willing to do what it takes to bring our film to life. So many people went above and beyond to put my vision on camera. We were a small crew and we had our limits, but that never stopped my cast and crew to do their works. Making films is the most important thing to me and I’m so thankful for what everyone has done for Freefall.

To my producer, Shanyn Maguire, who fight for us and stand beside us this entire process even during her hard time. To my cast, Andrew Jenkins and Chris McNally, you guys are the hearts and souls of Freefall and your performances greatly filled my hollow spirit. To my executive producer, Laurent Ma, this film would have never happened if it’s not because of you and your white horse. To my director of photography, Stirling Bancroft, who is pretty much a beast at what he does and still manage to go beyond my expectation. To my 1st AD, Andres Toro, who started this with me. To my production designer, Katrianna Skulsky, who work very hard to give me what I need with her smile on her face whenever someone called her name.

To the entire crew, Ricardo Abravanel, Mike Evans, Rachael Mah, Charlie Labelle, Jessica Lo, Seb Syrota, Adam Vincent, Nuttawut Youngpolkan, Elliott Moose Goodier, Devon Burbank, and Nathalie Taylor for your hard work and for those of you who did more than you should have had.

To Trevor Block who was kind enough to aid us with gears transportation. To Fuad Khan who let us shoot at his apartment. I hope we didn’t cause you too much troubles. To Britannia Secondary School for letting us shoot in their auditorium. To Samuel Kim for giving me a beautiful song for this film. To Clairmont and Pacific Backlot for your gears. Last but not least, to Andrew Cornell, ours and Shanyn’s silent knight who always lend us more than just his hands when we need him.

It was my privilege to work with all of you on this set. And I promise that I will do my absolute best to deliver Freefall in its great shape for all of us. Amazing work everyone. I already miss being on set with you guys. Please accept my humble gratitude.

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